Welcome to the world of “Yes”.

Our Listen and Build approach ensures your staff are well taken care.

Many accommodation providers are amenable to unique guest requirements. JBS customizes each of its suites to match the unique requests of our guests. This providing the perfect “home away from home”, without exception.

The net effect is a workforce that is more relaxed, comfortable and focused on the job.

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  1. Unique Approach
  2. Customized Solutions


JBS is not your typical Corporate Housing Provider.

Standardized market solutions will often leave needs unmet, ignored or rejected. The “take it or leave it” approach corners customers into buying a product with which they’re not truly and completely satisfied.

JBS is committed to a focused and methodical approach of sourcing the right fit. We don’t carry our own inventory because every customer is different. We listen carefully to your exact needs and requirements, THEN set out to source a solution.



Everybody is different.

At JBS we understand that a "home away from home" means having access to the amenities and comforts you are used to. Whether it be customized television packages or unique kitchenware, JBS is committed to making our guests feel at home. 

Our solution are also based on the specific criteria of our clients, which often include:

  • Specific Geographic Location
  • Unique Amenity Requirements
  • Customized Housekeeping Services
  • Customized Property Management Services
  • On-call Service Requests

From small towns to big cities.

JBS oversees a vast network of property owners that values corporate clients. We go where our clients need us to go – from Vancouver to Halifax, and everywhere in between.



Tell us about your accommodations needs. Our Business Solutions team will get back to you ASAP to discuss options.

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